Whatever life throws at you 

Whatever life throws at you 

You need a back up plan so if the unexpected happens, you have the financial security you need when it matters most. 
How would you cope if you were too ill to work, injured or were made redundant? Would your family be financially secure if anything happened to you? What’s in place for your business? Getting the right protection in place now could make all the difference for the future. 
Here is a look at some of the cover available to help provide you with financial security. 

 Private Sick Pay 

A policy designed to pay you a tax-free income if you are unable to work due to injury or illness. 
With payment usually continuing until you are able to return to work, retire or at death. This can cover you and your families living expenses including your monthly mortgage payments and other monthly commitments. Cover can be tailored to take over when any sick pay benefits payable by an employer finishes. In addition, many providers now offer “back to work” help which may include medical help or new training to get you back to work. 

 Life Insurance 

Providing your family with a tax-free lump sum or income in the event of the insured’s death. 
This can be used to pay off a large debt such as a mortgage or help support your loss of income to the family. We advise you, depending on your personal circumstances, how long the cover is required for, perhaps for the term of your mortgage or until your children are no longer financially dependent. 

 Critical Illness Cover 

Critical illness cover will pay a tax -free lump sum or income in the event of diagnosis of a serious illness. 
While certain illnesses such as Cancer, Stroke, Heart attacks, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are included as standard, additional illnesses and levels of cover can vary between providers. Providers now also offer cover for your children too as an additional benefit to you plan. We will advise you on the most suitable cover for you. 

 Redundancy Cover 

Cover that will provide a monthly benefit to finance your lifestyle, for a maximum of 12 months, while you pursue a new career. 


Every adult should have a Will (it is your voice when you no longer have one), to make sure the things that are important to you (assets/ children) go to the right people at the right time, rather than letting the state decide. 

 Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA's) 

There are 2 types of LPA’s, 1 for financial decisions and 1 for health and care. 
Every adult should have these to ensure if they lose capacity to make decisions, the right people are able to do this for you. If you don’t the state will decide. 

 Building Insurance 

Covering any structural damage to your property as well as damage to permanent fixtures and fittings such as roofs, windows, fitted kitchens and bathrooms. Causes of damage may include fire, flood, subsidence and even accidental damage. 
It is a requirement of you mortgage lender that you have buildings insurance in place but it should not be considered as just an obligation and to seek the cheapest cover available. Such damage to your property can be very costly and some providers may have exclusions to pay outs that could affect a claim. 
Asset Plus only recommend providers with 5 star DEFAQTO ratings to ensure the quality of cover. 

 Contents Insurance 

As a general rule, where building insurance covers the bricks and mortar of your property, content insurance cover all the belongings inside your home – anything you would take with you if you moved home. 
Cover is normally based on the value of your contents however there may be a limit set on higher value items which should be checked before cover is put in place. An expensive item can covered separately if declared and is then covered for the correct value. 
Defaqto 5 star policies should be considered for contents insurance also. 

 Business Insurance 

A key consideration for every business owner should be continuity and succession planning. 
Consider how you business could cope financially if you lost a key employee? What might the implications be if you or another business owners died or suffered a critical illness? Here at Asset Plus our experts can help you identify areas in your business that should be protected as well as advising on the right solutions to meet your needs. 

How It Works 

How It Works 

 Where Should I Start? 

Calculate your monthly expenditure and ask yourself how long you could afford to paying everything without an income. If you have savings, divide them by your monthly expenditure to see how long they would last. 

 What Else Should I Consider? 

Does your employer pays anything other than statutory benefits? Some may provide sick pay for an agreed term, or you may have death in service benefits to help your family if you were to die during your working life. 

 How Can We Help? 

Our qualified advisers will review all your current circumstances to see where there may be gaps in your cover. Our whole-of-market approach means they can make recommendations to suit your individual needs. 

Why Use Asset Plus? 

Why Use Asset Plus? 

KNOWLEDGE  Industry Experts 

Did you know our team of advisers not only requires industry-regulated qualifications to provide advice, but must complete regular continual professional development to prove their industry knowledge is up to date? 
We don’t stop there – we ensure that training is rolled to our administrators too, and encourage them to sit the regulatory exams to further their own development and bring on the next generation of qualified advisers! 

UNDERSTANDING  Understanding You 

We need to know a lot about you.  
That includes your financial history so we can see what is affordable and who would consider lending to you. 
Then we’ll talk to you about the future so we can help you plan ahead. This means we get to know you really well and become part of your team to help you achieve your dreams. 

QUALITY  Service Moving with the Times 

We use the latest technologies to help us deliver great customer service, and help you send us information and documents quickly, easily and securely. 
But technology isn’t everything – it’s really important to us that you can speak to your mortgage adviser on the phone, on a video call or in person whenever you need to – no queues, no call centres. Just your own friendly adviser. 

ASPIRATION  Dreams into a Reality 

We believe in dreams. We know they can come true! And our job is to help you find the way to finance your dream home and future lifestyle. 
Whatever you are dreaming about, if it’s property-related, we can help. From your first home to becoming a landlord and even protecting your business, we’re here to be your partner along the way. 

What our customers say… 

Great experience using Asset Plus 
"Asset Plus also assisted us with new home and contents insurance and life assurance, which was very competitive. Will look no further than Asset Plus in the future." 
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